Sunday, October 23, 2011

Understanding is LIKE.....

Assalamualaikum ^_^

Gila gempak tajuk kali ni... hehehe.. ecece perasan sendiri !! sebenarnya ini merupakan tajuk oral English saya hari tu..  nak baca huraian saya hari tu dan sedikit huraian yang saya tidak saya masukkan dalam perbentangan saya ? JOM JOM JOM baca =D cehhhh!!!

First of all .. what do you guys understand from the thought of the day today ? The best example that i can give is in the romantic movie. See.. In the so called Romeo and Juliet movies , there will be a HERO and a HEROIN (duhh!!! ) so when the Romeo starts to fall in love , he will try to understand what his Juliet likes and whatever whatever whatever ( please follow Dr. Niranjan’s tone.. hahaha ) Once he understands 1 thing , he will ( surely) try to understand more rite ( and of course with all the romantic actions ... you will see these in hindustan movies..headache headache)

What i want to emphasise here is .. tis tOD can be use in our life as a student .HOW ? ( r you going to promote ectasy , so that we can stay up all nite long ? NAAAHHHH!!! So r u going to promote the students to couple ??? NO NO NO !!!!  so the point is , when  u understand about one thing ( maybe it just a small part in the lecture ), u must hv  this kind of feeling to understand the whole lecture rite ? This feeling will drive u to master that topic and to some extend to the other topics.. It’s a good thing to have tis addiction... hahaha...

In islamic point of view , this thought might be brutal enought ... hahaha... but don’t just go straight to the surface.. see wat deep inside the sentence wants to tell u.. if u don’t want to understand u will easily forget. In islam , we already been thougt tat “ knowing a knowledge without applying the knowledge , is useless” .. After we understand tat thing , we must apply it, so that it will be there inside our heart and soul forever and ever ( seems like disney’s story... forever and ever)... hahaha..don’t just know.. BUT... UNDERSTAND AND APPLY!!! I’ll  give u an example.. once u learn about solah, then u understand wat is it , the content , how and when to do it... you will automatically have the “I WANT” to do it rite.. as you do it daily ... 5 times a day... you still... will have the feeling “how am i going to make my solah more productive and khusyuk ?” . then  u start to learn some more and understand it... after that u discover that , if u know the meaning in everything that u recite in your solah , you insya Allah will have a quality solah... do you got wat i meant to say ? so start to understand wat u learn.. don’t just mugged up and by heart everything... after understand , please please please APPLY!!!!^_^

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